Off-grid Solar Home Power

The Solar Exchange has installed Off-grid Solar Home Power systems for over 32 years, helping a variety of clientele live comfortably in town or many miles from the closest power line. Based in Taylor, Arizona we have successfully completed Off-grid projects in Nigeria, Ecuador, all over Mexico, and across the American Southwest. A well designed and professionally installed Off-grid system provides clean quiet electrical power to well pumps, pressure pumps, refrigerators and freezers, power tools, electronics, lights and appliances, even Air Conditioning.

Our Off-grid clientele are a wide variety of people, from Ranchers, Back-to-the-Landers and Hippies to Native American tribes and large desert municipalities who own Off-grid camps high in the mountains. Most though, are normal everyday people building their dream home or cabin. The common themes driving all these varied parties are self-determination, energy independence, and freedom from the power company.
Our Off-grid customers always use propane gas for cooking, water heating, and clothes drying. Propane is a better energy for these large heating loads which would quickly deplete batteries and require a much larger Solar Home power system. Propane is easily stored and lasts for years without significant degradation. Off-grid homes are generally heated by woodstoves, pellet stoves, or propane. Energy efficient home design and construction can greatly reduce the amount of Solar Power required to operate furnaces or Air Conditioning systems.
The most important component for living Off-grid is water. Almost all our Off-grid customers have a water well and we are experts at using Solar Power to get that water out of the ground and available for living. Whether for simple culinary household use or for irrigating lawns, vineyards, gardens, pasture and orchards we have done it with Solar! In many instances there is an existing conventional pump in the well and which we can easily power up with Inverters and Batteries. This is a normal scenario for home and culinary use, especially if the water requirement is low to moderate. Sometimes we show up early enough in the process that can install an ultra-efficient Solar Well pump.
We have recently added Solar Powered Air Conditioning systems to our lineup. These 1 Ton and 1.5 Ton Mini-split A/C units are so incredibly efficient that they are the first Air Conditioners that I have been able to offer our normal Off-grid customers that are compatible with a moderately sized Solar Home Power system. These are so great that we will devote a separate place on our website to these.
If you have not noticed by now, WE ARE OFF-GRID SPECIALISTS!!.